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Hello and Welcome to Descend Bikepark at Hamsterley Forest

Descend Hamsterley is the only dedicated downhill and 4X Club in the North East. Descend is run as a social enterprise to enable both local people and enthusiasts from all around the UK to enjoy the extreme side of mountain biking. The project is in it’s 15th year of development. Due to popularity, it is one of the leading extreme bike centres for riders to visit from all over the UK.

Descend Hamsterley accommodates everyone from beginners to full on professional athletes. We also have MTB coaching in tandem with Endeavour Mountain Bike Coaching to give hints, tip and training to all levels of riders.

We also have dedicated staff on site at all times to assist and provide you with a professional service.

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Descend offer 5 main downhill tracks from the top to mid way point, which then break out into 8 optional bottom sections.

All top sections are fast following with optional routes offering green lanes/chicken runs.

All bottom sections are very technical, with steep rock sections, drop offs, banked cornering with step downs. They include multiple lines/options.

The 4X track starts a 16ft roll in with a mechanical start gate followed by three table tops taking you into the first corner with optional inner/outer berms. It then goes into jump, into bowl, into large table top with two landings.

Then it goes into a optional rhythm section, into flat corner, options are Ski jump or gap jump into step up into 2 table tops then step up then large table top then optional large ski/gap jump or optional doubles that can be rolled.

Lastly into steep banked corner with inner/outer berms into large step up with optional triple/double gap jump or ski jump/gap into finish.

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Awesome weekend at Descend Hamsterley!!

Craig Rogers

Had a mint day on the uplifts at Descend Hamsterley. The changes to the top part of the main line are quality

Andrew Dale

Mint day at Descend Hamsterley, always a good show and a great bunch of folks out!

Scott Mears

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